The June soft launch of Children of the Night is over, reviews are in, and official launch day is here! The first installment of this twisty new YA gothic fantasy series is available on and FREE on Kindle Unlimited! Click the cover below for the link!

The series will be available on all platforms (including Kobo, Google Play, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Books) when The Isle of Bones debuts in December, but if you’re interested in an EPUB copy readable on a device other than a Kindle RIGHT NOW…contact me at (And don’t tell Amazon*…)

*Not sure whether Amazon will object to CotN being privately available in EPUB form, but if they do…well, it’s been a while since I launched an all-out vampire war on a major corporation, and I just don’t have the mental bandwidth to summon another army. Especially since the last one unionized. 

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